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No Pigeonholes is a radio program of independent, home recorded, small studio music in many styles hosted by Don Campau.

This format began in 1985 on KKUP-FM in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am interested in home recorded productions especially. I have NO interest in the music business. I welcome the music people create for fun and art.

Currently, there are four separate No Pigeonholes shows.

KKUP, 91.5 FM broadcasts to the south San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas on the second and fourth Sundays at 3-5 PM.

European Edition on Radio Marabu is aired throughout continental Europe on shortwave, FM and internet.

Radio On: Berlin’s independent radio: one hour a month of “No Pigeonholes” generally focusing on Cassette Culture.

And now listen to my all experimental music radio show, "No Pigeonholes EXP" on KOWS-FM.

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Guidelines for submitting your music.

1. Any style accepted.

2. No profanities allowed on American FM radio. Please let me know if there are such tracks on your submitted material. Check the FCC guidelines here.

3. Mp3's now accepted but I prefer hard copies. Mp3s have a higher chance of being lost in the shuffle and this might affect your chance of radio play. I still need all the info ( artist, song title/ etc) for each file sent. And please screen each file for profanity. Please do not overwhlem me with dozens of files. A couple of songs is enough.

4. CDs / CDRs / cassette tapes / vinyl accepted.

5. You must agree to your music being aired with no financial compensation on the radio or subsequent podcast.

Send your music to:

Don Campau

PO Box 9162

Santa Rosa CA 95405

I will notify you when you music arrives and also when it receives radio play.